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Donate to Expand Rockhampton Islamic Centre

Dated: 31.01.17
AsSalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu,

Subject: Request for Donations to expand Rockhampton Islamic Centre

Insha Allah you are well;
I take this opportunity to introduce to you the Islamic Society of Central QLD (ISCQ) and the Rockhampton Islamic Centre. ISCQ is a government registered organization affiliated with the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC). Alhamdullilah in 2003 ISCQ along with the support of the Muslim Community converted a building which previously was a church into the Rockhampton Islamic Centre (132 Kent St, Rockhampton).

The Rockhampton Islamic centre caters to the needs and aspirations of Muslims in the Central Queensland region which covers a wide region that includes Yepoon, Emu Park, Gracemere, Black Water, Biloela, Emerald and more regions further west. The Community consists of approximately 400 – 500 muslims.

Besides providing a place for worship, the centre has become a learning hub for spreading awareness and promoting communal harmony by educating Muslims and non-Muslims on Islamic Values and principles. The centre underwent a major renovation 2 years ago after which a library was established and it now has a permanent Imam. A wide variety of activities takes place in its premises, activities that include:

  1.   Weekly Tafseer lessons
  2.   Weekday Quran lessons for adults/children
  3.   Sunday Madrasa
  4.   Frequent Islamic lectures
  5.   Mosque Open days that sees attendance between 200 – 250 non-Muslims
  6.   Community Iftars
  7.   Fund raisers for Gaza, Somalia, Burma, Syria by partnering with Human Appeal / Muslim Aid
  8.   Fund raisers towards appeals from the local non-Muslim community
  9.   Managing Muslim funerals for the region
  10.   Youth camps and sporting events
  11.   Interfaith activities that promote understanding
  12.   Social campaigns with Queensland Police and other organizations
  13.   Mosque Tours for School kids
  14.   Frequent visits by non-Muslims
  15.   Community Iftars that host non-Muslim

Support for newly arrived and revert MuslimsThe Centre with its location being right in the middle of town is easily accessible for visitors and provides a strong foundation for all the Islamic activities and learning. The population of Muslims has increased many folds since 2003 and the Open days, community iftars, Eid gathering etc. are now getting overcrowded. There is an urgent need for more space at the centre.ISCQ has recently signed the contract for the property (130 Kent Street) adjacent to the centre; the area of the property is 405m2 and consists of a well presented 3 bedroom house, the contract price is 190,000$. Alhamdullilah the first fund raising appeal in Rockhampton received pledges for $100,000.00 leaving a balance of 90,000.00$ to be collected by 25th March.


The vision of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was that Islam reaches and expands to every corner of the earth, this is the vision of every Muslim. ISCQ hopes to Insha Allah utilize the premises to expand the centre and its Islamic activities to make the vision of every Muslim a reality.




I write to you on behalf of ISCQ and the Muslim community of Central Queensland seeking your generous donations. We pray for 90 generous hearts to give a donation of $1000 each to turn this Islamic Vision into a reality by the will of Allah Azzwajal.

ISCQ Bank Details

Bank: NAB
Account Name: Islamic Society of Central Queensland

BSB: 084-905
Account Number: 90-677-9794

On Behalf of the Muslim community of the Central Queensland region.