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Open Mosque Day


The Open Mosque day was a community-centred event organized by the Islamic Society of Central Queensland at the Rockhampton Mosque. The main objective of the event was to provide a common platform for people from all walks of life; it was aimed at improving social cohesion and breaking down various misconceptions and misunderstandings within the community. As part of the event there was a multi-cultural food festival, a BBQ, tours of the mosque, Henna painting, try a Hijab, talks by special guests, Q&A, kids activities and other interactive sessions. In addition to approximately 100 guests from the Central Queensland region, the function was also attended by Waseem Razvi (a promoter of multi faith harmony), Margaret Strelow (Rockhampton Mayor) and Michelle Landry MP (Federal Member for Capricornia)


  • Improve understanding of the Islamic faith (Advancing Religion)
  • Improve social cohesion, harmony & understanding within the community (Social Development)


Who the program or activity benefits:

People of all faiths, cultural and ethnic background and gender, No restrictions on age either.


The eligibility requirements to participate:

The free event was open to everyone; invitations were sent to other religious groups, schools, cultural organisations, politicians, community leaders etc. The event was also advertised on social media and local newspapers.


Frequency of similar programs or activities:

2 – 3 per year. Celebrated annually since 2015


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